About Us

Walden & Associates - the Company and the Philosophy

Walden & Associates was founded by Dave Walden in his garage in 1975.  His philosophy was to provide his clients with the best solutions to their civil engineering projects.  He maintained a close relationship with his clients and the agencies he dealt with.  He was always proactive in finding and resolving issues with site designs and agency requirements.  He became a well respected engineer within the community and among his colleagues.  He instilled this same philosophy in the current principals of Walden & Associates.  Dave Bacon, the president , began as a draftsman while still in college, and has worked at Walden & Associates since 1981.  He leads the company and oversees all engineering endeavors.  He has a passion for complete, accurate and clear designs.  Jeff Walden, the vice-president, leads the surveying department and oversees all aspects of  mapping, ALTA surveys and  construction staking within the company.  He has been with the comapny since 1983 and has inherited his father's (Dave Walden) insistence on accuracy and  completeness in all of the surveying services we provide.   Dave Couch is the Chief Financial Officer, and  has been with Walden & Associates since 1986.  Besides his role as CFO, he maintains the in house computer systems and is responsible for implementing and training in new application software and heading the human resources department.  Since 2001, these 3 principals have maintained the high expectation of both Dave Walden and our clients, and they continue to deliver the service and quality products our clients expect.  

Walden & Associates' Office